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Beijing Gao'antun native waste landfill is no longer significantly reduce odor 2011-10-15

    WASHINGTON reporter recently from the Chaoyang circular economy industrial park was informed that the park Gao'antun landfills no longer accept the mixed waste, 2000 tons per day by the burning of garbage after the landfill, transfer to another 1,000 tons of garbage outside processing, plagued nearby residents for nearly a decade is expected to substantially alleviate the smell.
Native zero landfill waste in advance
    Gao'antun landfill design capacity of 1000 tons per day landfill, in use since 2002. Landfill, more and more peaked in 2008, the amount of waste on landfill once reach 37 tons, 3.7 times the design standards. Current storage capacity has been consumed by about 50%. Overload led to landfills produce large amounts of ozone, and cause the surrounding residents protest. September 2008, Chaoyang District government Gao'antun landfill odor nuisance to apologize to the residents and promised 2012 years to achieve zero landfill waste native.
1000 tons garbage Sinotrans
    The zero-landfill, the Chaoyang District of waste handled? Beijing Municipal People's Government of counselor, garbage disposal expert Wang Ping told reporters that the current daily production of waste, Chaoyang District, 3,000 tons, of which Gao'antun to transport 2000 tons waste incineration plant, after five days of control of water treatment technology, there are still about 1600 tons by Gao'antun incineration plant incineration. There are 1000 tons municipal solid waste is transported to other landfills.
    Beijing Municipal Committee, Deputy Director of Solid Waste Management, said Tang Jun, Gao'antun the remaining capacity of the landfill and compost site landfill incineration residues, which will effectively improve the landfill's life. Every day is about 600-700 tons of landfill.
Significantly reduce the smell after a zero landfill
According to the relevant department heads, Chaoyang District, said Gao'antun zero landfill landfill, the main reason for this is difficult to control odor. "Although the coating to landfill, leachate is for purification, but the landfill's working face must be exposed, or there will be odor migration, in bad weather, it may affect the surrounding air. " Wei-Ping Wang said, after the landfill and incineration of garbage compared to little or no odor, no leachate, the impact on the surrounding residents will be drastically reduced.
    Incineration emissions data expected to be published online
    Zero landfill waste, the reporter found that the smell has been greatly reduced, but nearby residents are not the identity. North Star Fu Lee first quarters of the residents, said: "I do not think the taste is not good." He told reporters after the incineration of dioxin may cause cancer, and he and his wife are preparing to be a small baby, so very worried. He is preparing to rent somewhere else to live, "where you rent a house to rent, can not also have to be such a rent."
    Wang Ping said Gao'antun waste incineration power plant used imported incinerators in Germany, the discharge of pollutants in line with EU standards, are more stringent than in Japan.
Several residents said the interview was not clear the value of emissions data is real-time monitoring. One resident said read data cards in front of incineration plants, the emission values ​​shown above, but "there in circulation within the park, there is no advance booking arrangements, certainly can not go, he would be best to have real time online now Online Only part of the value of the amount of landfill announced is not new. "
     Reporters noted that incineration plant real-time monitoring data, and not the residents most concerned about dioxin emission values. The data published on the website, only updated to the end of April and May after the announcement is not related to emission values. In this regard, the recycling industry park officials say, the problem is not due to the transfer of publicity personnel, ready filled today, and plans to announce today a day of landfill capacity and other data. The emissions data, in addition to real-time display on the front of the big screen, also plans to announce on the site.
    Zero landfill will be extended to other landfills
    Capacity of all the form is completed, Gao'antun mountain of garbage landfill will be covered in two meters of soil for the green, all plants will be planted on top. A Gao'antun landfill staff told reporters that the landfill transformed into a sub-park of the South China Sea, is Gao'antun learning objectives.
    The next five years, Beijing will build a number of circular economy industrial park, improve the proportion of waste incineration, to achieve zero landfill waste.
Currently only the eastern part of Beijing Chaoyang circular economy industrial park construction is completed, according to plan, Beijing will be built in the East and West of a circular economy industrial park, to achieve the landfill-based waste disposal methods to burning and other forms of change, the 2012 Beijing spam incineration, biological treatment and landfill ratio will be 2:3:5; 2015, the ratio of 4:3:3, to achieve zero landfill waste native city. According to reports, 2015, Beijing will be fully completed nine large-scale incineration plant. Including Asuwei incineration plant, incineration plant south of Beijing, Dong Village, incineration plant, Liulitun incineration plants, incineration plants north haven, Palace incineration plant, beam home incineration plants, incineration plants, Shunyi District, Gao'antun incineration plant.
    "Emission targets difficult to cheat."
Waste incineration controversy has never stopped. Waste disposal expert, said Wang Ping, Beijing incineration of dioxin emission standards and the EU agree, 0.1 ng, even demanding standards than Japan, and peripherals in the incineration plant with electronic display, real time emission levels, always ready to accept community supervision.
    Chaoyang Municipal Committee, director of Yinxiu Feng also said that they often appoint a professional third-party company to check emissions of pollutants. "And every time check only a few hours in advance to inform the factory, in which case the value of emissions is difficult to change."
"Burning garbage is a prerequisite."
    China Environmental Science researcher Zhao Zhang Yuan is domestic opposition to the burning of experts, he said: "Japan, China Taiwan depth in the waste classification, only to burn more than ten percent of the original, and chloride salts produce dioxin British material can break off if Beijing can share so small, that burning go on burning, but now it is difficult to do. "He believes that the waste classification also need the government to take the lead to do detailed work, from the source organizing residents to refuse, and the truly resource.
    Gao'antun put into landfill, Chaoyang District, is mainly responsible for garbage disposal, waste disposal design capacity of 1000 tons per day.
    The surrounding residents that often smell the odor. While waste disposal is growing rapidly, jumped up to 3700 tons per day, residents have complained.
    Berlin Philharmonic, Wanxiangxintian and other similar waste disposal sites around the district residents took to the streets, "Walking," to protest against the landfill caused the smell.
    Chaoyang District Government held a news conference a formal apology to recognize the smell, "had an impact on the surrounding residents," and promised 2012 years of native zero landfill waste.
    Gao'antun landfill daily processing capacity reduced by about two-thirds, and through various measures, the basic odor elimination, open to the public.
    Following the first open to the public after the visit, Gao'antun incineration plant in Beijing for the first time publicized its real-time data on emissions of pollutants, including six emission targets.

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